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To be eligible to play in the 2015 Winter SIHL 2 equal payments of $360 need to be paid via this page. The first payment is due by 15th March 2015 and the second payment is due by 4th May. Both payments need to be paid even if you withdraw from the League. Player Registration covers insurance, refs, scorers and all game fees.

The Winter League begins Monday 23rd March. Games will start each Monday at 7:30pm. Second game at 9pm. Check the schedule for game dates and times.


By registering and paying the fees, players accept that injuries do occur in the sport of ice hockey and elect to use the facilities at Sydney Ice Arena, and play in the Sydney Ice Hockey League at their own risk and thereby release Sydney Ice Arena Pty Ltd, its staff, directors and agents from all liability arising from injury to person, property and/or reputation that they may receive, and from all injuries occurring or caused by any facilities or equipment used at Sydney Ice Arena. Further players accept that there is only a basic level of sports injury insurance in place which may not cover the cost of medical care occurring as a result of any injuries.

Teams: The 4 Teams are the same as last Winter: Gates, Devils, Hawks, Blues.

Registration: Due by 15th March 2015

Costs: Same as last winter.

  1. 1st Payment $360 -Due 15th March 2015
  2. 2nd Payment $360 -Due 4th May 2015 DUE NOW

Times: Game 1 is at 7.30pm, 2nd game at 9.00pm

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