1. Games are played on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with each team having at least one game per week (on average); the possibility of several weeks in the season two games per week.
  2. Games are three 20-minute periods running time; with the last 2 minutes of the third period stop time if the score differential with 2 minutes left in the third period is 5 goals or less.
  3. There is a 5 minute warm up and then the game will commence or the clock will start and time will run down. This ensures the late game will not be delayed or finish at too late an hour.
  4. When a player is injured on the ice, after 30 seconds the clock will be stopped. This will not be charged as a time out to either team.
  5. The league commences in late September, once the winter leagues have completed, and finishes in March. The schedule is fit into this period with the number of games determined by the number of teams.
  6. There is a 2-3 week break over the Christmas period.
  7. Current teams and their uniforms are:
    • Bombers - White with red and blue trim & dark Blue (home & away)
    • Bears - Red with black trim
    • Icemen - Black with white trim
    • Chiefs - Blue jerseys & white jerseys (home & away)
    • Devils - Orange
    • Blues - Light blue
  8. Each team must nominate a team representative for the administration of the league.
  1. The four top teams contest the play-offs after the regular season.
  2. If teams are tied with equal points, the following will determine the standings:
    1. First - games played between the teams tied - most games won.
    2. Second - games played between the teams tied - goal differential.
    3. Third - games against the entire league - most games won.
    4. Fourth - games against the entire league - goal differential.
    5. Fifth - If teams are still tied after the above four criteria then a penalty shoot out, as per guideline 6 of this section, will be required before the commencement of the play-offs.
  3. The first and fourth placed teams contest semi final A in a sudden death knock out. The second and third placed teams contest semi final B in a sudden death knock out. The two winners contest the grand final.
  4. Play-off games will be three 20-minute periods running time, with the last 2 minutes of the third period stop time regardless the score.
  5. If teams are tied after regulation time there will be a 5 minute sudden death overtime period, running time - played 4 on 4.
  6. If the scores remain tied after the overtime periods then a best of 3 penalty shoot-out will apply. Each team will nominate 3 players and the order in which they will shoot. Each team shoots alternately in the nominated player order. If still tied after three shots per team, the shoot-out continues as sudden death with different players until there is a result after an equal number of shots.
Registration and Player Eligibility
  1. Each team must have a minimum of 12 players, a maximum of 20 players over 18 years of age, which includes a goaltender, registered one week before the start of the season.
  2. Players can only be registered to play for one team.
  3. A father son rule allows players under 18 years of age to play with their father. If the son is playing in the AIHL and turns 18 then they will be an exception to continue to play in the league, see point 9 below.
  4. Team lists must be circulated to each team representative prior to the start of the season, initial team list. If any players registering after the start of the season, the team list must be updated and re-circulated to all other team representatives.
  5. A final team list must be circulated by the last game before the December break. This is the final team list and no new players are to be added after this time.
  6. The team list must be given to the rink with the insurance paid for each player and that player signing the waiver before a player is eligible to play a game.
  7. Any team playing with a player not registered for the summer league will forfeit the game and any points earned. Team representatives are responsible for ensuring their team is registered. If a team forfeits three games in the year due to unregistered players they will be asked to leave the league immediately.
  8. For players to be eligible for the play-offs they must play in at least 6 regular season games and be listed on the final team list circulated by the last game in December.

    Below are two exceptions to this rule:
    1. Players registered and on the initial team list at the start of the season that are injured or for extreme personal circumstances have not played six games. This exception will usually be applied to players who have played in the league in prior years (not new possible ring ins).
    2. Goaltenders - for goaltenders to be eligible for the play-offs they just need to be registered for the summer league on any one of the team's final team lists.
  9. As this is a recreational league:
    1. any team who does not have a goaltender for a game is able to use a registered goaltender from any of the other teams in the league;
  10. Any player registered in the National League (AIHL) during the previous winter and has played in more than 6 AIHL games, is not eligibly for the summer league.

    Below are the exceptions to this rule so as to ensure players who are nearing retirement from the AIHL or are at old-timers age are encouraged to join our league:
    1. Players who registered and played in the AIHL who are 35 years or older as at 31st December.
    2. Each team is allowed one under 35 year old AIHL player on their roster. The team finishing in last place the prior season is allowed two.
    3. Father son rule exception as long as the father continues to play.
    4. Goaltenders of any age registered in the AIHL.
  1. If there is a need for a judiciary this will consist of the player representatives from each team.
  2. Each player representative will have a vote on matters or penalties except the accused parties' team representative who will not have a vote.
  3. The judiciary system will be conducted by e-mail so as to reach a quick decision.
  4. All team representatives will be notified by e-mail and the onus is on the team representatives to make an e-mail address available.
  5. The team representative will be responsible for determining if any suspension is pending at the end of each game and will be responsible for initiating the judiciary process the following day of the game. If the team representative takes no action the standard suspension will apply (as nominated in the NSW handbook).
  6. A judiciary decision must be made on the Wednesday or Friday after the incident by 18:00 hours. Notification of the decision must be sent to the appropriate team representative by Wednesday or Friday, 18:00 hours.

    If a decision has not been made in time an automatic 1 game suspension shall take place and the judiciary decision must be made on the immediate Monday after the original incident at 15:00 hours and notification sent to the appropriate team manager by that Monday, 15:00 hours.
  7. A penalty can be decided by a minimum of 3 team representatives excluding the accused parties' representative and must be more than 50% agreed for the final decision.
  8. One team representative involved in the meeting must be appointed to send notification to the accused parties' team representative.
  9. Players who receive a game misconduct in the third period of the game automatically get a one game suspension.
  10. Players who are a 3rd man in as an agitator will be subject to a game misconduct and the game suspension as per point 9 above.
  11. Player's who receive a match penalty at any time get an automatic one game suspension. The incident will also be referred to the team reps for possible further action.






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