1. What is Sydney Ice Hockey?
    Sydney Ice Hockey is an adult ice hockey league that runs Summer and Winter seasons out of Sydney Ice Arena and occasionally Erina Ice Arena. The league is for recreational players with an average age around 33 years. The league operates separately from Ice Hockey Australia(IHA) and Ice Hockey New South Wales(IHNSW) in a relaxed yet competitive environment.

    Summer league is the bigger and faster of the two seasons with usually six or seven teams competing for the cup honours. Many players take the winter season off, or play in IHNSW's Senior league, but SIH's winter competition usually involves four or five teams.
  2. What's the level of hockey?
    The level of hockey can be fast and aggressive. The majority of players have played a significant amount of tier-1 youth hockey, and the league is composed of many internationally raised players. The summer league also attracts AIHL players aged 35 and over, with each team also allowed one under 35 AIHL player. Most teams usually have a couple of young speedsters intermixed with some aging veterans and a few "role" players here and there. SIH's Summer league is arguably the best, non-contact recreational adult league in Australia.
  3. Where do you play?
    All of Summer League's games are played at Sydney Ice Arena in Baulkham Hills on Monday and Wednesday evenings. During Winter season, most games are played at Baulkham Hills on Monday night with the odd weekend game in Erina on the Central Coast.
  4. How do I join a team?
    Contatact Sydney Ice Arena or email info@sydneyicearena.com.au.
  5. Can I enter my own team?
    Yes. If you have a team of intermediate to high-calibre players, Winter season is looking for more teams. Contact info@sydneyicearena.com.au for more information.
  6. Who runs the league?
    The league is run by the players with help from the rinks. Each team has a representative which is that team's spokesman in issues corresponding to schedules, judicial hearings, rules, rosters and all things hockey related.
  7. Are there refs?
    Yes. Each game is supervised by qualified referees, linesman and a designated score keeper.
  8. When are the seasons?
    The two seasons, Winter and Summer run back to back with usually a two week break in between.

    Winter season usually runs from late March through to early September, and Summer season runs from late September through to mid March.
  9. I've just moved here, can I join half way through the season?
    Yes, but you may need permission from the league and also an invite to join a team. Please contact info@sydneyicearena.com.au if you are looking to play. The rosters for summer league freeze in mid December, so you are not permitted to join a Summer-league team after that.
  10. How old are the players?
    Most teams are comprised of players ranging from their 20's to their mid 50's. The average player age is probably around 33.
  11. How do I contact someone?
  12. Can I watch a game?
    Of course. Games are free to anyone interested. Games are played at Sydney Ice Arena and Erina Ice Arena. Check this website for schedules.
  13. Is there training?
    No. Although some teams may sneak in a session or two to gear up for a playoff run.
  14. How much does it cost to play?
    The costs differ between winter and summer seasons. The costs are based on the number of games played per season and the number of players per team. The costs do include all ice time, referees, time keepers and insurance. Those costs are usually between $400 and $600 per player per season.
  15. Is there insurance?
    Yes. All players are fully insured.
  16. Are you affiliated with IHNSW?
    No. Ice Hockey New South Wales runs under the IHA. Sydney Ice Hockey is an independent recreational league for adults run by players with no formal attachments to organised associations. Players are allowed to play in either, or both leagues without penalty.
  17. Can AIHL players participate?
    Yes. AIHL players over the age of 35 are allowed to play on any team. Each team is also allowed to have one under-35 AIHL player. Exceptions are made for the previous season's last-place team which is allowed two under-35 AIHL players, and also for son's (father-son rule) of current players playing in the AIHL.
  18. Can <18's play?
    No. Under 18's are not eligible to play unless they are part of the father-son rule.
  19. Are there fines?
    No. Sydney Ice Hockey does not issue fines.





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